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The Brit Awards, 2022, Swear Studio
The O2, 2022
Role: Set Designer for Swear

"The inspiration for the British record industry’s annual awards show came from a fascination with the ‘edgelands’ - the parts of the landscape that are neither urban nor rural - that the French writer, Victor Hugo, called ‘bastard countryside’. The aesthetic reflects the gritty reality of Britain in 2022 but introduces a stylised, humorous twist. In this imagined world, the power of music pulses through overhead cables, connecting people across the country. This uncontainable power fizzes and sparks, exploding in bursts of light and colour, and creating unexpected moments of surreal beauty. In the foreground, two electricity pylons morph into Britannia figures which appear to be toppling and breaking apart - ripping free of their concrete bases under the sheer force of the music. The pigeons, still sitting on them, take little notice of either the safety warning signs or the utter chaos that seems to be unfolding all around.


In the centre, across the main stage, oversized, abstract steel sections create a framework for video imagery - it’s as if we are seeing Britain through the eyes of these giants. Together, these hulking forms create three-dimensional depth and parallax for this live TV broadcast, allowing unforgettable artist performances - from poignant and intimate, through powerful and soaring, to expansive and spectacular - to be presented throughout the whole space."

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