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Berlin Boerse, School of Economics & Climate Science
MArch Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. 2017

This project sought to analyse and critique the financial set up in Europe today - by flipping the established hierarchy of work and education, students learn from bankers by looking down to them in the lower floor from the first, past the ground level where the public are free to scrutinise the activity of the workers. Opening up a dialogue between education, economy and public through light wells and apertures.

3D solar and rainfall analysis were used to literally visualise the architecture in many drawings, and digital fabrication and model making were important to the investigations, used to materialise the complex spatial language that this project attempts to deliver. The Project evolved into a school of the environment and was clad in plaster tiles, embedded with iron powder which rusts over the financial year. This decay process has been visualised graphically and abstracted into laser cut geometry used in the model making.

Inspired by the Worms Eye Axonometrics of Stirling - Light + Colour are key aspects to the project which are expressed in the materiality of the building. Expressing such concepts in a variety of media was key to expanding the portfolio; from large light funnels and cones to direct seasonal sunlight to small details which highlight key areas with natural light. Solar incidence onto the site has been exploited to enhance the awareness of seasonal change.

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