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Walbrook Night Workers Credit Union
MArch Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. 2015
First Class (Hons)

This project proposes the setting up of a Credit Union to look after the interests of the low-paid cleaners in the City of London who work through the night. Their bank sits inside the first large park in that part of town, protected all around by a thin, inhabited wall of poche spaces. The rays and energy from the sun are collected by giant metal ‘flowers’ in the park, with the light and heat funnelled down into spaces for sleeping, banking, and socialising below the ground. Drawing on proportional analysis of Wren’s St Paul’s and St Stephen Walbrook, a new public institution is formed around a cluster of alabaster domes, which also transmit sunlight underground.

The project was realised as a series of hybrid models and drawings, many of which were drawn using laser etching into a variety of media. 

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