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Gorillaz World Tour, Swear Studio
Global, 2022
Role: Set Designer / Designer for Swear

"Spring 2022 : Gorillaz have a new album in the making and are about to hit the road again touring through South America, then Europe, Australia and North America. 2 years of covid-related stop/start have left the gang - 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle - itching to play live, but all that downtime (and a hot neighbour) has led to some unexpected soul-searching by Murdoc. He has found a new lease of life. He wants to ’spread the word… build a following.’


As Damon Albarn and co. tour the globe they are joined both on stage, and on screen, by an incredible rosta of guest artists, becoming a real life ‘cult roadshow’ which fuses seamlessly with Jamie Hewlett’s beautiful animated world. As the tour gathers pace, hidden messages appear in the TV static and a story of strange goings-on in the Hollywood Hills starts to unfold…"

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