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Schizophrenic Panospheres // A Hydrological Diary
A Collaboration: Kirsty Badenoch // Sam Coulton. 2018

An exhibition exploring temporal meteorologies: cyanotype exposures developed over the course of eight hours and degraded over 24. Curated and exhibited as a part of BREAK//LINE at The Bartlett, UCL.

Two opposing topographies // converge across 11 000km of water 51.510° N 0.118° W // 34.901° N 56.165° W


From where the River Thames // meets the North Sea

To where the Río de la Plata // meets the South Atlantic


Two weeks to sail // from London to Montevideo by ship (1914)

With nothing to do // but study the sky and survey the sea


Instigating two weeks of // schizophrenic weather recording (2018)

A simultaneous account // of meteorological immateriality

Drawn in light and water // through measure, clue and witness


From one evaporates // unto to the other

The Great British Winter // exposes the South American Summer 15.01.2018 // 28.01.2018​

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