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Gorillaz at Coachella, Swear Studio
Coachella Festival, 2023
Role: Set & Show Designer / Assistant Director for Live for Swear

"It’s spring ’23 and the original cartoon G’z are taking a road trip. Their album has dropped, they’ve left Hollywood, and they're heading out into the Cali desert… First stop, Coachella!

Picture the scene: it’s 4am, and we're back in the band’s motel room after a raucous night out. With ears ringing and pounding heads, the acrid smell of empty beer bottles, stale fast food and overflowing ashtrays fills the air…

Through a twisted sense of scale, we see faded shag pile carpet and cracked bathroom tiles. Demon faces appear in the patterns of sticky linoleum, and an otherworldly glow from the bathroom strip lighting is reflected in a shattered mirror on the floor.

In the corner, an old, red TV keeps losing signal - glitching with static interference and snippets of cable channels showing 1960s split-screen movies, televangelist preachers and psychedelic kids TV."

Photos: Blair Brown

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